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Founded in 1969, METEX (Deutschland) GmbH can refer to almost 50 years of successful company history with business contacts in nearly all continents.

As a privately owned medium-sized company, our company has developed over the years into a stable and reliable partner in the field of roll-machining.

Since 2010, METEX (Germany) GmbH has been certified according to the SCC *.2011 (Safety Certificate Contractors).



The largest share of sales growth in recent years at METEX (Deutschland) GmbH:

  • Delivery of roll grinding machines and lathes for the sector of roll machining as well as other rotationally symmetric workpieces.
  • Modernization of existing grinding machines and lathes, which work with at our customers, but also deliveries of completely modernized machines from stock of METEX.
  • Extensive spare parts deliveries and services for already supplied METEX - machines worldwide.

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