Technical highlights – Roll Grinding Machines

METEX – CNC Control System

METEX (Germany) GmbH is using, without exception, SIEMENS CNC controls type SINUMERIK 840 Dsl.

The necessary grinding software has been developed over years, in close cooperation with our customers and is constantly adapted to the new increasing needs of the user industry.

Further developments of SIEMENS on their control systems are immediately used by us, so that our customers always have the current control model.

The WINDOWS 7 based CNC control concept allows complete operation and control of the entire grinding process in the fully automatic cycle.

All necessary technical information for the operating personnel is displayed on a color control screen in the language of our customers.

METEX – Measuring Systems

Different measuring systems are available for the respective applications and related customer requirements.

Both OFF -Line Measuring Calibers and state-of-the-art ON-Line measuring devices (IN-Process) can be supplied according to customer requirements.

METEX - OFF-Line Measuring Systems are available in all sizes, specially adapted to the respective application.

Our On-Line Measuring System (IN-process), manufactured in a compact design, with a swing-in and out highly stable measuring arm made of temperature-constant aluminum, allows the measurement of the complete roll geometry during grinding.

This guarantees time savings and, in the end, a precision ground roll whose grinding results can be called up at any time on a color measurement protocol.

Crack Detection

Preferred suppliers for this technique, which is almost incessant for roll processing, are the suppliers LISMAR or ACTA. Both companies have the necessary KNOW - HOW and have equipped many of the METEX roll grinding machines with their systems.

Whether pure Eddy Current Technology for the detection of cracks on the barrel surface, or state-of-the-art combined systems with additional ultrasonic measuring heads for the detection of cracks and structural changes below the roll surface, everything is available according to application requirement and customer request.

Modern Driving-Systems for all Axis
Starting Drive – System for Run-Up of heavy Backuprolls

Highly Stable Grinding-Spindles with dynamic automatic Balancing Systems
Exhaust Unit
Roll Accomodation Systems

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